Charleston's Artisan Pretzels

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BKeD started as a small food truck serving sandwiches and desserts. Our love for pretzels came about from countless hours of baking. The idea of age-old tradition that would end up as such a great product triggered our mission. Our goal is to present timeless and traditional flavors combined with innovative and fun techniques. We are committed to offering our local community the best artisan pretzels in Charleston. 

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Flour, water, salt, butter, and yeast is all that is needed to make our pretzels. Our method of small batch mixing ensures the same level of attention is given to all batches. We then slowly ferment our dough for over 24 hours and then we hand roll, loop, and knot each pretzel. We do all this to maximize the taste and texture of every pretzel we serve.

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Pretzels: Traditional and local seasonal flavors available. Current line up includes Charleston Sea Salt, Everything, Herbed, Cheddar, Cinnamon Sugar, Chocolate-Sea Salt and seasonal. 

Condiments: We want the best ingredients available and we know that's not done alone. Some are house made but most are locally sourced by our amazing small and local condiment producers here in Charleston. 

Donuts: Our donuts go through the same process as our pretzels. They are all hand made in small batches, slowly fermented and with a lot of love. Flavors vary seasonally and are made with the finest local ingredients available. 

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As part of Zagat's "30 under 30" profile, BKeD Pretzel received a spotlight showcasing the owners and BKeD products. 

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